Erie County, NY
10543 Main Street, PO Box 459, North Collins NY 14111-0459

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The Village Board meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 6:30 PM at the Village Hall located at 10543 Main Street.

The Mayor has assigned each Trustee to act as liaison for various village responsibilities.  If you would like to discuss any topic with a Board member, please review below to see who to contact.

Trustee Bob Lantaff

Water Liaison, Dog Control Liaison, School, Public, Employee Safety
Phone: 716-337-3160 (Village office)

Trustee Karen Denne

Property Maintenance & Parks, Village Beautification, Building Inspector
Phone: 716-337-2155 (h)

Trustee Corinne Leone

Deputy Mayor, Public Works Liaison, Employee Relations
Phone: 716-337-3446 (h)

Trustee Richie Bley

Fire Department Liaison, EMS Liaison, Town Board Liaison
Phone: 716-337-2166 (h)

See Code Book for meeting minutes, agendas, and other forms.